How Much?

Search4less packages start at €195 per annum

UK Data?

Yes, UK Information is also available

Other Information?

Search4less also includes Judgments, Bankruptcies, legal notices and revenue settlements.

Where does the data come from?

Search4less is licensed by the CRO under the bulk purchaser agreement

How is Search4less different?

Search4less offers a unique browsing experience that accesses more relevant data quickly

Are there any limits to downloads?

There are no limits to the number of searches or downloads

How up to date is the Data?

Search4less data is streamed in real-time. It's as up to date as the CRO.

How far back does the information go?

Search4less captures all of the data filed in the CRO there is no historical cut off

Who uses search4less?

Due to the nature of our packages our users tend to come from every corner of the office.

What other countries are available?

The search4less team can get information from any jurisdiction on a transactional basis

Who is Search4less?

Search4less is Irish owned and run. Our team have been involved in information services since 1996

What happens if I trial the service?

80% of trial users tend to sign up!